Original Art by Roland Locke

Are you looking for a Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversary present for a loved one? Or perhaps you're looking for something for yourself?

Commission a beautiful painting from Roland Locke.

When commissioning a painting please consider carefully what subject you would like. I prefer to work directly from nature where possible, so I may need to visit, or find suitable reference i.e. location, animal, etc. If it's necessary for you to supply photographs or e-mailed images, please ensure they are of good size and quality and that the subject is in good focus.

Consider what medium you would like, Oil, Watercolour, etc, and whether you would like the painting framed. If you do require framing or mounting or both please try to have in mind what you would like, then contact me to get more information on this.

Please remember that the painting will be in my style please do not assume that because you may ask for a painting like "Picasso's sunflowers" that it will be in his style! It won't!

Consider the size and where it will hang. It needs to fit in and not look out of place, either too big or too small. Remember that a frame will add to the overall size of a painting so please allow for this.

I will need an address I can despatch the painting to, where there will be someone to sign for the package.

If there are any aspects of commissioning a painting that you feel unsure about, please contact me. I am always happy to discuss any and all points.

I am now offering pencil portraits for sale on commission (see drawing of Jo in the Gallery as an example). They make a truly personal gift and I can do these from life or from photographs for a surprise present for someone special! Prices are from £150. So if you are interested in commissioning a pencil portrait of a loved one or just want to immortalise yourself in art please contact me for details!

Fancy yourself with a pair of wings? My work is currently inspired by fairies so if you would like me to do a fairy painting of you please contact me with your ideas